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Each hand tied baitfish imitation is built on a stout Mustad Ultra Point 32608n hook. Molded lead heads with 3-D eyes are individually painted to compliment a truly unique bait. Ball bearing swivels and stainless split rings allow high quality blades to move freely, attracting predators in the dirtiest of water. The blend of natural and synthetic materials bring these baits to life like no other spinnerbait on the market. Every Brian Schmidt Baits Spinnerbait is made in the USA, start to finish by the hands of passionate dedicated anglers.

The Classic Single

The Classic Single spinnerbait is our twist on the true classic. Featuring your choice of a single Colorado or Willow blade, this series is available in 3/8 oz and ½ oz.



The Double Willow series is available in 3/8 oz, ½ oz, and ¾ oz. The 3/8 and ½ are built with a 4/0 hook and the ¾ has a 5/0 hook.


The Willow Colorado series combines the flash and thump needed to get the reaction bite in the toughest of conditions. This series is available in 3/8 oz, ½ oz, and ¾ oz.


Finesse Jig

Utilizing a combination of natural and synthetic materials, the Brian Schmidt Baits Finesse Jig offers fish a unique presentation that you can be sure the rest of the competition isn’t using. Featuring a hand-tied skirt made from premium marabou, bucktail, and silicone, the Brian Schmidt Baits Finesse Jig provides a natural action that breaths and pulsates with the slightest movement while maintaining a tight, compact profile. 
The Brian Schmidt Baits Finesse Jig is crafted with an arky-style head and a perfectly angled weedguard that allows anglers to effortlessly fish through the heaviest of cover. Armed with a stout Mustad Ultra-Point Hook, the Brian Schmidt Baits Finesse Jig will give you that performance edge against the competition and help you bring more weight to the scales.

Coming Soon! BLUEGILL

Single Jointed Wakebait
1.3 oz Wooden Body
5.5 inch
Single Treble Hook